Office for Mac to get the same UI as the Windows version



We’ve just posted the following news: Office for Mac to get the same UI as the Windows version[newsimage][/newsimage]

2 days ago a leak revealed the next version of Outlook for Mac, today an internal presentation showcasing the other Office for Mac apps leaked online.

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Those poor Mac users, now having to suffer the most boring interface Microsoft could come up with. Windows 95 was more colorful than this suite, despite the fact that some video cards from that era couldn’t handle more than a handful of colors.

Of course, with all of the malware that Microsoft and Apple both produce, visual appeal is the least of their worries, even if it’s the only one people actually worry about.


No MS Office for me. And neither the crappy, useless new version of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

I stay with LibreOffice.