Office Depot Verbatim DL 3 pk 2 for 19.99

This is an obvious screw up on the SKU’s as Memorex is supposed to be the Buy One Get One Free. But the Verbs’ come up as 2 for one @ $19.99 a box.

The problems is they are not marked in any way. You will have to take 2 boxes to the cash register and do a price check… that go back and get some more :iagree:

And for those non believers here’s the receipt:

Seems I can’t post the same image twice…
And thanx to Beach-Hobo for pointing this out in another thread.

Its not a screw up, they are on sale. I just came from my local Office Depot and thats
what they told me. I had to ask them where they were hiding and they were hidden behind the counter at the service deck. I guess it not a well advertised sale but I may go back tommorrow and get more

I picked up 4 packs myself. This is the first time I’ve ever bought DL stuff. It’s always been wayyy to expensive for me. So now I need to figure out just how they heck to burn this stuff without screwing it up :smiley: If anyone can point me to a good how to or FAQ thread I sure would appreciate it.

I got a couple packs also, plus 200 of their house mediafor 60 which is Ritek G05 if it’s 8x labled. Sale ends Saterday so stock up :slight_smile:

Out of stock at my Home Depot so i just went down the street and got BB to price match. I did’t have flyer so i had them look it up on internet but i don’t think it say Verbatim but they do show pics of verbatim in the add.

Yeah, my Home Depot didn’t have any either…hehe
Sorry, couldn’t resist… :slight_smile:

LOL to Home Depot, as well :slight_smile: Well, I was able to get ONE 3-pack tonight. That’s all they had left. The cashier gave it to me for $9.99, so I gladly took it. This, added to the 4 packs I got on Monday makes a nice 5 packs total for $50 bux. Shame they are not always this price. I mean, they GOT to be able to make some money even at $3.33 each?

I just picked up four 3-packs for ~$43. :smiley: They still had about 2 left. Great deal.

any chance this deal has returned has OD again has memorex media B1G1F?
I will not have a chance to check it out til Friday (have some tests coming up)