Office depot sales on 16x 100 dvd-r,dvd+r,cd-r, clearance

online at or at b&m store for aptiva 100pk dvd-r or dvd+r 17.99
Office Depot brand 52x cd-r 100pk for 9.99
This may end on 7/07 so hurry and grab it before then.
The 50pk 16x memorex dvd+r,-r go for 10.99

Clearance item section, most of it was overpriced still and found only memorex dvd-r or +r 75pk for 15.00 that maybe worth buying if you only need this many.

to put this in perspective, not really a hot deal at all. Ok deal for ok quality media.

Anyone know what media or medias these OD branded CD-R’s are, or could be?


most likely ritek if they are still MIT

anyone know what these ativa discs are?

CMC AM3 and M01.

I bought OD CD-Rs, and they are Ritek. Good for giveaway disks :slight_smile:

Thanks for info
I save some money today :bigsmile:

I have had decent luck with CMC MAG AM3 discs in my LG-H22N.

oh yeah me too with most of my drives but mine are all HP LS discs so i don’t use them that often. They do burn good though :iagree:

Well, I don’t think I’m going to find any better deals any time soon, and DESPERATELY need CD-R’s. As much as I hate to admit it, from what I’ve read, Ritek’s CD-R’s are about as good as you’re going to get aside from TY, and for $10/100, well, in for 500 disks and a box of paper clips. (sigh) Had to get the free shipping. It takes $25 in gas to get to Office Depot and back from my house.


Didn’t you get any of the Maxells from 2-weeks ago, that were $6.50/100 after a 50% off coupon? Those were also Riteks.

Bestbuy has those maxell CDR on sale, some reported that they are prodisc

I do double check it is Prodisc ( MIT ) from BB
( was some high speed burning error )

Well, the way to always know you’re getting Ritek under the Maxell brand is to look for the “/RT” in the part number on the package.

No, I missed that deal, and that really pisses me off considering for a little while there, people were getting free disks for just the cost of shipping! :eek: Oh well, I’m ok with this deal.


here is the $10 off $25 purchase to sweeten your deal, expires 7/15

:iagree: :bow:

But TCAS, if you get CMC, your NEC3550@NEC41XX will do good on these media

I have close to 100 DVD+R and 50 CD-R which I bought from OD long time ago and have had unsatisfactory results with them.