Office Depot/Ritek DVD trouble



I just opened a 50 pack of Office Depot branded DVDs and before I really looked at them started burning the ten DVDs that I needed. About half way threw I had a miss burn so I took it out and replace it with the next one. 10 DVDs later I have another issue and look at the DVD to check it and found nice big triangles of missing dye all around the outer edges. I went through the pack and several had little marks and small chips in the plastic. Almost 10 had significant amounts of dye missing. In total 15 of the 50 are blatantly obviously damaged. I ran cd speed and they are all Ritekf1 discs. Just a warning for any one looking that way right now.


Just take them back for exchange or refund. I’ve never seen Office Depot brand disks look as bad as you are describing.


Yeah, exchange them. They’re faulty from new, so there shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:


lol, zero quality control there if there’s big bits of dye missin :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah they say they will replace them with no problem. Was just kind of shocked. I had some Sony CDs do that to me a long time ago. They actually fell apart. Bad glue. Just did not know if Office Depot had a bad run. Their CDs have always worked really well for me. They have some fairly good sales quite often as well.



Yet another reason to invest a little bit more and get good media - try Verbatim next time - I have had zero coasters over the last 200+ Verbatim 16x +R MCC004’s-eh!


Yeah I would normaly buy online, especialy after reading every thing I have in the last week, but it was a rush job and I had run out.