Office depot offering a great deal

If you have an office depot near you, you might want to check into this…
Today I had to visit a officer depot for a bid that I was putting in on a job… (phone system)

anyway I wanted some new CDR’s and when I was paying an older dude showed me a ad they have for buy one get one free 50 Pack of CDr’s

they are memorex cd’s but seem to work fine for me…great deal…100 for 20 bucks, cant beat that :wink:

Thanks for the info but almost every store does this same thing every week. so it’s take your pick of which store is offering it that week. Either it’s buy a 50 pack for $9.99 or just like you said, buy a 50 pack for $20 and get another one for free. I just bought a pack of 50 from Staples last week for $9.67. So it’s a really great deal. If you find anything else, please keep us posted. We all have to look out for one another here.

Thanks Culley for the info. I need some CDR discs, so I’ll check it out…

I picked up a few spindles of 50 TY (Fujifilm) CD at Rite Aids for $9.99, and I still have a raincheck for 3 more spindles of TY at Rite Aid. So that memorex deal is considered at regular priced since many stores offer for that price now and then. So I prolly will pick up the remaining of the raincheck. Just be patient, sometimes you see they go as low as $7.00 for a spindle of 50 for cmc magnetic.

that just an average deal…If you watch thr fry’s ad you will see 100pk cdr for 12-15 dollars all the time. or there web site is if u dont have fry’s near you