Office Depot in store pickup $20.00 for 100 DVD+R

If you have an Office Depot close by, you can get Office Depot DVD+R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB/120 Minutes , Pack Of 100 for $19.99 HOT
4.7GB storage - more than six times the storage capacity of a CD. Great for audio, video or data storage. Durable write-once format with long archival life
Click Here and add to cart for $24.99 (Select in-store pickup to get this price) - $5 off Coupon 74265555 (Ends 01/28) = $19.99 + Free in-store pickup

In store pick up only, and add your tax. Going to pick mine up, and will let everyone know what kind they are.

What I got is the Ritek R03. Seems the disks are on sale for 24.99, but with the above coupon code, you get $5 off. With my state’s tax of 7%, my price was 21.39. Getting ready to burn something…

Not bad if you trust Ritek. I know that R03 is better than the G05 but given Ritek’s quality control issues as of late, I will pass. Especially as there are plenty of $20-$30 per 100 offers on Verbatim (MCC) and Sony (TY) media.

I would try to get some 16x if you are getting any. Unless I am mistaken, the 16x and 8x are the same sku (whatever they happen to have is what is on sale). I was in office depot the other day and I think that they had 16x on sale in the 100 packs. The 16x+r are ricohjpnr03 (at least that is what has been reported so far and that is what I got). While r03 is not up to par with good old ricohjpnr01, I still think I would take it over ritek.

My last batch was good to go and Ricoh brand!
Thanks for the link!

Not working! 682136 $72.99 this morning!

No sale today…and it’s not the 28th.

It could be that it was not suposed to be good online or maybe they figured out that we were cheating and using coupons on a sale price so they killed it on the web site. Is is advertised as good all week in store so the 25$ price is good instore at least.

oh well! Was a good deal!