Office Depot DVD sale pricematch

  1. As everyone probably knows, OD has Memorex, Maxell and Phillips on sale at $5 per 15pack.

  2. As many have found, it’s mostly sold out.

  3. I’ve gotten a couple of nice B&M’s to PM/substitute a 25pack for the 15pk at the sale price. = 20 cents a disk!

Tell them free4all said it was ok if that’ll help.

what is B&M? And how were you able to substitute a 25 pack for a 15 pack? What did you tell them?

B&M stands for brick & mortar, referring to in-store only. The store manager has the authority to substitute something else for the out-of-stock product.

Thanks for the tip, I got the last of the ones that my local OD. However, I also saw that they had Imation media on clearance - $9.99 for 25 DVD+/-R and $14.99 for 25 DVD+/-RW! I thought that was also a pretty good deal!

Yeah, but just take a look at who really makes imation media as compared to some of the other brands. gags

I could always buy cheap ones on my own dime and expensive ones at the office and do a crafty swapsies. LOL! They’d never know the difference.

True but sooner or later they will stop letting you do that when half of their discs don’t work. :lol: