Office Depot DVD+/-R Sale

Memorex 16x DVD +/- R Media 50-PK $14.99 each

Anyone know if this is good media? I’m about to get me a few packs!

It may be good and it may not be. Memorex uses a lot of different manufacturers’ discs and there is little way to tell what you will get before you buy.

It could be any media code. CMC, MCC, Prodics, Ricoh, and Ritek are some of the media codes for +R and -R. Memorex buys to whoever is the cheapest at the moment. I got a 50 pk of 16X +R with code CMC MAG M01 that sitting on the floor collecting dust. OK media, but not great either.

You left out 2 companies for Memorex, I found Optodiscs for the inkjet printable and Infomedia for +RW. I would not touch Memorex and Philip since the newer philp media are made in HongKong