Office Depot DVD+R DL

I just got back from my local Office Depot and picked up a 25-pack of Office Depot branded DVD+R DL for $5.01. Granted it’s Ritek D01, but even for “disposable media” I had to pick it up.

good luck I had a 5 pack with one coaster

Awesome deal despite being marginal media. Not in stock in my area though.

I am too afraid to load one of those Ritek DL media into my drive, I still have 4 left under Ritada Brand, got 5 free from Newegg with the purchase of an NEC drive 6 months ago. The first one was horrible and now I am affraid to load the 2nd one into my drive. Even the single layer disc made by ritek are very bad let alone the DL media.

Woke up from a huge nap and saw this deal on one of the bargain sites I frequent. Ordered some online using in-store pickup. Was able to order 7 spindles total but will have to go to 3 different stores to pick them up. The item seems to be out of stock or limited stock at most locations near me.

Dreamliner, thanks for posting the media code.

Anyone has the link? I cannot find the item on Home Depot’s website.

office depot I believe

First add to cart then go checkout and select in-store pickup. Otherwise the price is an outrageous $80.

Bad coordination between brain and fingers :doh:

I mean Office Depot of course. I cannot find this deal on their website.

You won’t until you add it to your cart and go through part of the checkout procedure. At one point you are given the option to pick up the item in-store. Select that and it should drop to $5.01 in your cart.

Thanks - worked like a charm!

25pack for $5? must be crap

What if this price mistake didn’t exist and they were still selling at their normal price of $80? Does that make them better?

They are not very good discs, you are correct. However it’s not because of their price which is a mistake and will probably be corrected by tomorrow. It could just have easily been anything else that was mispriced, good quality or not.

I’m not so sure that it’s a mistake. This media is 2.4x which makes it old stock. They may just be trying to clear their shelves and warehouses to make room for newer/faster media.

The price is not a mistake. They are being clearanced. I was told by a store manager they are expecting more to arrive in a delivery tomorrow. I’ll grab a few more just for testing purposes. In any case they burn O.K. in the LH-18A1P. Not even close to Verbatim DL but @ $0.20 each what do you expect.

if they go back to regular price may be can return them at X-mas without receipt
as they are OD brand???

That’s honest. :a

If you have a recept, that will show the price you paid. If you don’t have a receipt, retailers refund/credit the lowest price that item was sold at.

If they turn out to be clearance rather than a price mistake I’ll be happy as there may be hope to eventually get them, however I’d be suprised if they stay this price (I’ve already heard more than one story from others that they were a price mistake from store employees, although that doesn’t necessarily make it accurate). I guess the one thing I could see is if they discontinue and clearance them to be replaced by their ‘Ativa’ brand.

It sure is :flower:

It is OD branded thus no other store sells it
They will give you store credit for whatever price is in the system at time of return
or as someone mentioned possibly lowest selling price
Cheers :bigsmile: