Office depot dvd+r 16x ritek f16

I have no luck burning at 16x, always coaster with pioneer, liteon dvdrom
I find quality scan useless because it waste too much of your time, you still have to do trt to see how well this disc read.
The TRT is good at troubleshooting disc that won’t read at all… if it jumps up and down during TRT then their is quality problems

Maybe my liteon dvdrom is crap
Pioneer is not crap at reading dvd, retested just to make sure
Samsung is able to read these disc no problems!
Nec sucks at reading as well.

I’ve been throwing all these dvd test disc away but after retesting it on samsung burner it show that I was wrong about the media being bad
They would always coaster with liteon dvdrom
one of my dvdrom is defective:a

Remember not all samsung burner are good reader
The same goes for nec, liteon, pioneer
It’s a quality control problems
you may have a defective drive that only happens if you are unlucky to receive it.

I burned many many blank dvd just to find out that my dvdrom was the culprit something that even the tech at bestbuy would never figure out. Then again I’m not very good at troubleshooting dvd hardware but getting the hang of it!:flower:

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If you have a LiteOn as you say, then try scanning with that - there’s no scan data in those pics.