Office depot clearance antec 430w 27$



This is a clearance item so its a matter if you are lucky enough to find one. Its an antec true power 430 watt power supply (not true power II). Its an older model so it might have a little less on the 12v rail than some (26 amps I think), but for the price it still seems like a good deal to me.

go to office depots web site, go to checkout first, select instore pickup and then try to search/add item number 222104. If it says low avalability, doesn’t pull up the item or out of stock them that store doesn’t have any, you will have to try another store. If it says in stock, then place an order for instore pickup (you have to do instore pickup to get the price). As of a couple of days ago they were still 57$, so they just got marked down again and I’m guessing there are still some out there. I just ordered two in Texas. Fyi in the past, on occation it shows in stock but listed stock at the store is wrong and the order gets cancled, so after ordering, give it a couple of hours and wait for the order status to change to delivered (or I guess you could call and verify).

Also, sometimes prices are diffrent in diffrent markets, but they are on clearance in irving Texas anyway for 27.04 (and will therefor usally be on sale most places).
Good luck, hope some of you can find some of them while they last.


Those $19.95 UPSs were a great deal at Staples last week! Thanks everyone and RIPIT for the heads up on those Staples anniversary deals.Bought two!


I just got back from picking mine up. 12v rail is 26 amps. I was kind of suprized to see that it had sata conectors (2). No problems with the 27.04$ price. I just realized something else. This power supply doesn’t require load on the 3.3v and 5v rails (it probably has the ability to load itself) so it would be ideal for a second power supply (in a dual power supply system).


Mine says low availability :-\ Also has it listed for $107. I’m returning some crap 16x media there today so I’ll check. Thx for the tip.

Are the UPS units still on sale at Staples?


No they’re not. They are now $54. I got one for $13.99 by taking two empty ink cartridges in.

Also, my Staples is having an awesome clearance sale right now. There is a table up front that says 50% off the already clearanced prices for items on this table. They had a $59 laptop bag for $29 -50% with two ink cartridges made it a little over $9. It’s the one made by the company that makes Swiss army knives. They are in Circuit City’s ad right now for $29 after $30 rebate. No thanks, I’ll take it now for $9… :clap:


it is greatly YMMV, I saw this deal for 2 weeks running and thus it is low availability. I already have the thermaltake 600W PS so I cut back on unnessesary spending. And the future CPU uses low power so no need for montrous power supply. Unless you are planning to run quad video card in the future.


I tried to find one of these in my neck of the woods but no go. I ended up with the Antec SP-2.0 500 watt from CompUSA for $59.99. I would still buy one if there were any
close by Milwaukee but low availability is all that comes up. If anybody can pick up an extra at that price please email me and I will cover it.
Thanks, Budzos


I found out after the fact the it had been posted on fat wallet earlier than my post, sorry everyone. Still, diffrent office depots in diffrent markets mark things down at diffrent times. the canon ip5000 is marked down cheap, and every store in my area is out except one, and they show the full 200$ price and they show in stock. Fat wallet also posted verbatium 100 printable 16x dvd+r for 20$. They are 76.06 at my local store and they have 8 packs. The shelf label shows 89.99. 76.06 is a clearance price, so going off office depot’s normal thing, it will be marked down cheaper. It will continue to drop in price till it sells, no matter how low it goes.

Its kind of a crap shoot with od’s clearance, and they have changed how they do it (it used to be if one store clearanced it, all would except for special markets), now it seems more random. Even the stuff on fat walet might not hold true…
I say all this, because od is great place for mega clearance stuff, top quality stuff for well below cost (they continue to mark it down till it sells, no matter how low the price goes).

Fyi I’m thinking I’m a bad source of info for od sales. I work next door and often go to check out the clearance. I find items and watch them forever…
What made me check the price of those 430 watt power supplies, was the fact that they were not on the shelf. I figured they dropped price, and I got beat to the punch. NOT SO. They were not on the shelf, but I ordered online for instore pickup, and they were there. I actually know who I am competing with (he beter have the money to buy up front next time, he got 2 sweet logitec combos’s out from under me).

one more thing, know the item number, once it goes on clearance, the item won’t show up unless you klnow the item number, and you cannot check stock at your lokal store, without the item number…


I really didn’t need them either though having bought two, it now leaves me the option to get a third computer running again plus a second power supply for pelt/watercooling for my main rig.