Office Depot Brand +R/-R 50-pack media for $7.99

Office Depot has a last minute sales circular just before Christmas. In it they have their Office Depot branded DVD+/-R media for $7.99 per 50-pack. This is a little better price than advertised in their weekly circular where a 100-pack spindle is $19.99.



Note: if you are interested in -R media your best bet right now is still the Verbatim deal at Office Max.
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w00t. most nice here. thnx Doc. I much prefer the +R. Was hoping they would go down some. Now I can get a few before I roll out overseas. Something else to carry. ugh. Thnx tho.

Scannage of said discs available???
Enquiring minds want to know:)

For $4-$5 more you can buy Sony MIJ or Verbatim instead of dealing with unkown brand of OD or OM.

just bought 3 packs of +R from OD. should be here on the 26th. hope so, i fly the next day.

All OD brand 16x +Rs I’ve bought over the past couple of years have been RicohJpn R03. They have tended to be very good. The new Ativa brand OD is carrying now (not the sale items) is evidently made by CMC Magnetics. :Z

I have almost 150 disc of OD brand and I am not impressed by any means.

the RicohjpnR03, BenQ burners love them @ 12X burn, very low PIF errors, I got 53 total PIF on one of the burns, and the rest are under 150 total PIF errors, never tried them out at 8X or 16X yet, but with such result, I am not willing to try out at different speed, I am sure 12X is optimal in-term of quality for RicohnJPNR03. I posted about office depot media about 6 months ago with how to find the RicohJPNR03 disk out of the bunch with the quality scans in there, you can dig it up in the good deal forum or in BenQ forum

Nice post guys and gals/ merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.

PS/+R OD has been very good to me.

they are $6.99 in store till 12-24-2006
but call first, and have them hold
got 4 packs for casual use this way
the codes for +R
Media code/Manufacturer ID RICOHJPNöR0
Media Product Revision Number 04h

If you can read out the inverted imprint near the center,
VR5P16xxx : RITEKP16
D0127Cxxx : RICOHJPNR03

On mine
50127-C2 = RICOHJPNR03

Seeing Ritek F’ up RICOHJPN media time and time again is really getting old. About 4 of the last 7 batches of RICOHJPN media I’ve used have had either visible dye defects and large, extended blocks of PIFs also without visible defects at times. RICOHJPN used to be great media and still can be very good media IF you can get a good batch, but too often Ritek’s ‘quality control’ pisses all over it. It all started with late batches of RICOHJPN R01 as it was being phased out, bad batches started to become common with Ridata branded R01. It has continued to carry over with R02 and R03, though it does seem that it occurs more in some brands than others. My last two batches of Ridata RICOHJPN were crap, my batch of Memorex R03 is decent but has random PIF spikes driving PIF levels from ~200 to ~2000 - no big deal but it spoils otherwise excellent burns. Now I’ve just tried one of these Office Depot R03 discs and more crap. No visible dye defect but I got a couple of PIF blocks that took a ~500 PIF disc and made it into a 17K PIF disc. The End :rolleyes:

thats one sad scan, please erase the drive ID, you are ruin 1640 legacy
Did not know the scan under ricoh turns out so bad, I bought the OD media before with Ricohjpnr03, Serial # D110*****DVD, they were great at 12X burning, always get 97 in quality scan or higher. Sad to see some batches.

I totally agree with scoobiedoobie , I’ve seen great scans for RICOHJPNR03 so I got some RIDATA 16X +R . The scanned horribly specially the raise in PIF towards the end of the discs , will NEVER get them again :doh:

I’ve bought quite a few batches of OD branded RicohJpn R03 and have had to take a couple back for exchange. I’m down to fewer than 50 discs on the last 100-disc spindle, and these have been great.

Think I’ll try one spindle at $7.99 and see if I have good luck with them.

they are now $6.99 I bought 100, 50 -R and 50 +R 16X, at my local store the last they had. Those guys sure wanted to sell me the more expensive brand, but like I told them this is my throw away media. :iagree: