Office Depot Brand DVD-R (RITEKF1) and DVD+R (RITEKP16) - 50-Pack - $7.99 - 5/27-6/2

Office Depot will have their house brand of DVD media on sale for $7.99 per 50-pack starting on the 27th of this month. These are the Office Depot branded disks, not the Ativas.

The 16x -R should be RITEKF1. The 16x +R should be RITEKP16.

Thanks for the heads up!

They changed from RicohJPN R03?

I thought the +R were RicohJPNR03 most of the time. You can confirm by reading the batch code on the stacking ring which is visible through the top of the spindle, however. Ricoh has a DOxxx…R code. RitekP16 has a code like VR5P16.

Well, not always Ricohjpn R03, they have the mixture of the 2, not only media is on sale, they have lots of item on sale for the memorial weekend, am laying my hand on the targus laptop cooler, $9.99 otd no rebates

By the reviews on Newegg most people have not had good luck with the Targus Cool Mat. The fans don’t last.

I have the targus cool pad _I bought it from staples about 10 months and it works okay to cool off my laptop . For that price I would buy another. Fans do not make any noise at all.

For $10 it’s sure worth a try then! :iagree:

I’m looking to pick up some cheap +Rs. Do I want the Ricohs or the Riteks? Thanks.

^Both types can be quite good, depending on the batch you happen to get. I prefer the Ricoh myself, mainly because it plays well on all my standalone players and has an excellent archival life. Ritek P16 is generally more variable batch to batch than the Ricoh. Another thing to note is that some burners recognize P16 as only able to burn at 4x. That said, I usually burn the Ricoh at 6x with the Pioneer 112L for the best archival burn quality.

Thanks Dalen. :bow:

Ricohjpn R03 is super good when burning at 12X and for that price, it is a no brainer. But they are phasing out Ricoh MID under office depot brand so more likely you will end up Ritek, which I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole

I will be looking for some Ricoh tomorrow at my OD store… I’ll post back with my experiences.

Got the only pack of Ricoh on the shelf… the rest of the +Rs were RitekR04, RitekR05 and RitekF16. I did not see any RitekP16’s at my store.

On the side of my pack is a shipping bill from Ritek, dated 5/07 – so as of that date they were still shipping some Ricoh packs!

All they had at our store was RitekF16. Got one pack anyway. Still as shitty as ever! :Z

Just picked some up and these are RICOHJPN R03’s. There was only one other pack remaining and I assume it’s the same. So soon OD won’t use this MID anymore? I should go back and get that other one?

The scan’s actually decent…jitter high relative to MCC 004’s, though. BTW, drive only allowed my to burn at 12X max. I burnt and scanned this one at 8X. Definitely a good price, but these discs sort of smell bad.

I hit another OD and found 3 packs of Ricoh.

First burn from the first pack… 6x with the Pioneer 112L

does your burner allow burning 12X on this media?? I burnt 12X on my BenQ 1640 and my total PIF is like 53, but PI is relatively high, a bit over 100k

Well, they also have sony 100 pack on clearance for $17.04, so you guys would have more option. Sony media in general is decent unless you are lucky to pick out MIJ TY spindle

This is the best I could get with the Ritek’s. My results with my BenQ’s was nasty. :Z The Liteon’s did much better but just ok. This was at 8X OHT enabled.

Still looks decent though, Wobble. I’ve always got the Ritek G05 disaster in the back of my head so actually that scan amazes me.