Office Depot Brand: DVD-R 8x Ritek G05

Does anyone here have experience using the Office Depot house brand disks, especially the 8x DVD-Rs, which are mostly Ritek G05s? Do they tend to be any better or worse than other branded Riteks, such as the ones from Maxell?

I picked up 2 100-packs for $15/each when Office Depot had a special sale on media a few weeks ago. My intent is to use them for burning DVDs for friends and relatives, not myself, but I still want to get an idea of whether they’re better or worse than say some Teon CMCs at Staples, for example, as a disk to use when you’re burning for other people.

As far as my personal disks go, I only use these:

Sony (Made in Japan, which are Sony in -R, and Taiyo Yuden in +R)
TDK (Made in Japan, which are Taiyo Yuden in -R and +R)
Maxell (Made in Japan, which are Maxell in -R and +R)
Fuji (Made in Japan, which are Taiyo Yuden in -R and +R)
Verbatim (Made in Taiwan or Singapore, which are Mitsubishi Chemicals in -R and +R)
Taiyo Yuden (Purchased from Rima)

And you’re gonna make, or friends and relatives, discs that will die in several weeks? :wink:

If you use the search function, you’ll find that G05 is definitly not the MID to use these days. Here’s something interesting in case you’re in a hurry:

I fail to see why a pseudo-brand like “Office Depot” would be any better than, say, Traxdata! :confused:

Damn, I missed that sale. Too bad.
G05s are far better than anything CMC IMO. That’s a sweet deal.

Bring on the detractors…