Office Depot Aug 14-20 Flyer

16x ± Verbatim on sale- 37.99/100 pack

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nice deal,. thanks !

August 14-20? hehehehe, wow, thats way in advance. Anyway, thanks for the headup, but repost this again when it is near the sale because it is too soon and most folks will forget this post

That link takes me to the Rapidshare web page.


Same here -what’s up with this?


At least I know its not my firewall again

Scroll down and choose the free option at the bottom. That will take you to the download page- this is a great site for larger files, and it’s free.

Does anyone have any experiences buying Verbatim at Office Depot? Prodisc or CMC made?

So far all of the 16x Verbatim media in the US (MCC004 +R, MCC03RG20 -R) is made in Taiwan by CMC.

A friend of mine in UK bought some MCC 004 that were Made in India by Moser Baer and he sent me one to try. I felt that my CMC made (from Best Buy) were actually better. The serial number was 5098 516 +R E A 03558.

I’d like to get my hands on some MCC004 made in Singapore.


Me too!!


I just Bought some 16x Verbs Made in Japan. They were boxes of 10 discs individually wrapped in jewel cases. 4.99 a box on sale clearance at Circuit City.

Hey, alan1476, what MID are those MIJ Verbs? + or -? Thought they were all either Taiwan or Singapore if you’re lucky. Very curious … :slight_smile:

must be TY, all I found singapore and taiwan made, and they are 4X vinyl movie pack discs

The + were Yuden000-T02-000 and the dash were TYG-02. Sorry they were 8x not 16x. That was a typo on my part. It was a clearance they said they would be getting no more.thumbmedia10145.jpg

Wow! Never knew there were TY Verb’s out there. Nice find.

They did come with a crappy old jewel case for each one but at .50 a disc I can do better buying 8x Tys at Rima.

cool, got a 20% coupon in the mail wonder if i can use it on these