Office Depot Ad Scan for 10/21 to 10/27

No media except Maxell 100 disc for $22.99 and their own office depot brand media, 50 disc for $12.99

The Canon Digital ELP 850IS is a good deal, $299.99 before 20% off, making it $240 and free Epson R280 Printer after Rebates

Last time they had sales for dvd 100pc +r and -r at 17.99 I grabbed most of it

This will last me at least a year :slight_smile:
The funny thing is that they don’t bother to restock it after it runs out
They limit it on purpose… After a week passed the price goes back up and the same media is restocked at an amazing outrageous price at 59.99
Goes to show you that they don’t want too many people buying it when the price is low. If you know another officedepot location, then you can grab more of it but that was too much hassle for me. They had sale for cd-r as well 100pk at 9.99 or 50pk at 5.99

I checked out the stock at OD on the 50 packs and the Maxell 100 packs – no RicohJPNR03 in any of these this round time at my store.