Office Depot 6/24 - 6/30 sale

maxell 100 pack cd-r - $12.99
maxell 50 pack dvd-/+r - $11.99

memorex 10 pack lightscribe cd-r $6.99
memorex 10 pack lightscribe dvd+r $7.99

What is the latest word on Maxell, if anybody keeps track of Office Depot inventory… are their 16x -R media still the same old mix of ProdiscF02 and RITEKF1?

I found some at Sears about a week and a half ago…
See post #73

Thanks… I’ve tried both of Maxell’s 16x +R codes (CMC MAG M01 and RICOHJPN R03) and they weren’t very good, similar to your RICOHJPN R03 burn. I was hoping for some new -R codes.

All the Maxell in the US that I have tried were junk, even the Maxell 002 which others here seem to like.

Both brands are not among my favorite bland media.

Maxell 16x -Rs are 99% RITEKF1. 16x +Rs are a mix of CMC MAG M01 and RICOHJPN R03 (those that have a part number ending in “/RT” are Ricohs). The -Rs are OK for everyday use (and they have none of the legacy degradation issues that people experienced with RITEKG05s). The +Rs are pretty lousy, no matter what the code (M01s just suck overall, and the Maxell Ricohs tend to burn worse than the Ricohs under other brands such as Office Depot).

Your best bet is to use the ad to find some 8x +R MIJs at Sears or Staples, which will be MAXELL 002s. Those are decent and have good bonding, unlike the 8x -R MIJs, which are MXL RG03s (RG03s have extremely poor bonding and should be avoided).

90% of the 16x -R media on retail shelves is either CMC MAG AM3 or RITEKF1 (with SONY16D1 and some other minor codes taking up the rest). There are very few -R choices anymore.

if some1 are looking for better media, not much better, but a bit better, HP media, are on clearance at big lot, $3.99 for a spindle of 50. Good luck on media hunting. Dont buy maxell media at OD, all 16X

Highly unlikely. That was someone messing with labels in one store. Pure price mistake/manipulation. No one has found that price at any other store.

Hmm…I wonder if Sears will match OD’s sale price since I saw an old spindle of 4x -R MIJ, which is TYG01. What the heck, gonna try anyway. :slight_smile:

I doubt that Big Lot offer this price they are really expensive when comes to this type item or recently many other items. They are no longer like Pic& Sav that used to be.