Office Depot 3 Day Sale 3/15-3/17



Looks like you have to pay S/H on all their laptops and computers. Looks like a good deal on a Hanns-G 19in LCD monitor A/R.


Has anyone ever bought any Akai products? They have a 37" 1080p Widescreen LCD monitor for $900.


I dunno but in the specs it lists that it only has an 800:1 contrast ratio so viewing dark segments won’t be alot of fun with this set.


LCD screen using higher contrast ratio is just by increasing the white segment so dark segment is still suffered. Plasma TV for me only since I am a sport fan


Becareful some times these price are for the monitors that do not include HDTV tuner and tuner cost at min $1000. Look here:[],3:73&CMP=KNC-SEM&HBX_PK=pcw_01-TV-LCD&HBX_OU=50&tk=pcw_01-TV-LCD&gclid=CJ__leTZ_IoCFTIeGAodWBWWKA