Office Depot $20 off $75 coupon

$20 off purchase of $75 or more between 11/16/06 - 11/18/06 plus additional $20 off $75 in store coupon good between 11/26/06 - 12/24/06. Unfortunately these dates don’t correspond to any Black Friday deals.

“Not valid for purchases of any technology items…” :frowning: Oh, well, my son will have to wait for that Microsoft Zune…

Pfffft! Didn’t notice that. Might as well delete the thread.

Every coupon I have got for Office Depot in the last year has that in the fine print.

Even though it is not good on technology, occasionally I have found something they do apply to (and wish I had an in store coupon at the time). I don’t think that media is considered technology (including blank dvd’s), phones, photo paper etc. I’m not sure if they have anything good on sale worth using the coupon right now though.