Office Depot 16x 50 pack DVD-R, DVD+R (RICOHJPN) $6

More info here:

Per previous posts, you can read the code on the DVD+Rs through the spindle top and if they are D110xxxxxx or D0127xxxxx then they are RICOHJPNR03.

You really don’t need to open a new thread for this.

This thread shows you how to get it at half price. Regular ad price is $12.

Sometimes it only takes off $5, I am just too lazy to go to store to just pick up one spindle since the coupon only take off $5 per perchase. And it is pretty hard to land on Ricohjpn media. I was lucky enough to get 2 spindles of 100

I got one spindle of OD +R and it’s RICOHJPN R03, but it’s terrible. PIEs and PIFs are much too high with burns on my BenQ 1650 and Pioneer 111D. The Pioneer usually loves RICOHJPN R03, but not this batch. OD is getting it back in about an hour! :frowning:

I am getting fantastic burns with RICOHJPN02 media on my DW1650, the Arita 25 pack that occassionally sells for .04/disc.

If it’s this one it’s now $0.01/disc after rebate and free shipping.

Yes it is that one. Looks like I paid 4x the going rate. The last one I burned went half the disk before registering its first PIF.

The Ricohjpn R03 D110***** batch is the best batch, any other than that, pretty bad burn quality

Thanks for the tips. I have a 50 pack of +Rs waiting for in store pickup for about $6.00

Here are the first 2 scans of the Office Depot 16x +R discs I picked up this afternoon. Not great but for 6 bucks I’ll use them for data and friends. They were burned at 8x.

You kidding me? Those are great scans!

They don’t compare to the scans of my TY T02’s. I guess I am spoiled and am glad I have over 500 of them stashed. I remember a couple years back I would
of been extremely happy with scans like that also. I am sure they will probably
play in anything I put them in.

Far better scans than most MCC004 of late.