Office Depot 15 pk MAXELL DVD +R -R 15pk spindle $4.98

only $5 for 15 starting tomorrow. Anyone knows if staples does a 110% pricematch on these?

I have brought some from local OD. MAXELL DVD+R was made in Taiwan here. MAXELL DVD-R here got mixed with 2x (Taiwan), 4x (Japan) and 8x(Japan). I only got 4x (Japan, by TY). I believe the 8x is not TY, likely MAXELL MXL RG03.

So what kind of burns are you guys getting with these. They work just fine and get good kprobes with both my burners but I have a friend interested in some so I was wondering how well they are working for everyone else?

I use Pioneer A06 and NEC 2500. These DVD-Rs worked well. However, I can not make a K-probe diagram for you. :slight_smile:

I bought 6 spindles (3 +'s, 3 -'s) as fillers on 1/5 at $5.96 each from Staples. I called them yesterday and they credited me back >$6, even though the OD seems to be in-store only as the website didn’t reflect the $4.99 price. The +Rs were rated at 8x and can be burned up to 12x, the -Rs I got were still 4x TYG01, which 8x burns had better results than 12x.

I got some 8x maxells from staples 2 or so weeks ago when they were $6 there, +Rs, MAXELL002.

Burns aren’t so great with these, for most of the disc the PIFs are at 1 or 2, but there’s a lot, and then at about the 4.2 gig mark the errors shoot up and start to get real bad. No noticeable difference between burning at 4x and 8x on my 812s@832s. A strategy swap to MAXELL001 gives slightly better burns, but may be causing the errors toward the end of the disc, or making them worse.

I got two MIJ 8x +R spindles, both MAXELL 002’s. There were both 4x and 8x spindles in +R at my store, but all I saw was 4x in -R. I didn’t see any of the Philips spindles which were advertised at the same price (not that I wanted any), but there were Memorex 8x +R at the same price. Both are likely CMC or made by CMC.

I checked the local Office Depot near me in Hollywood, and there was ZIP, nade, nothing. All sold out… :frowning: Oh Well, I never liked the nasty bronze colored tops. hehe (Maxell DVD-R 8X) :slight_smile:

Mine is out but the guy said he should have some more in tomorrow. I will definitely look into that tomorrow if I can get some TY DVD-R.

hopefully you can get some, mine is out too,
the manager told me they aren’t going to stock up anymore of theses maxell,
this is the last time, good thing i got 30 packs sunday…
good luck

Careful what you wish for, if you read elsewhere you will see that virtually all of the 120 discs that I purchased (6 packs) had defects in one way shape or form (spotting in the dye along the edge, fingerprints smeared all over them). I certainly won’t be buying any media from stores anytime soon. Less hassle to order straight from the manufacturer and get consistant quality. :wink:

Jesterrace, you’re scaring everyone away from buying media at B&M stores…hehe :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased hundreds of dollars in media on sale in B&M stores in the past 12 months. I’ve never experienced any of the bad luck jesterrace reports. Even the free after rebate Princos I picked up awhile back was fine, but I used those as discs to give away. :slight_smile: