Office Depot 100 PK DVD+-R $34.99



Office Depot Brand(?) DVD+R and -R 100 Pack media with Coupon Code 82911916 thru 3/5 for $34.99.
Anyone know what media this is?
VideoHelp reports them as Ritek G04’s with some good reports for the NEC crowd.


Anybody know for sure if these are 4x or 8x? The only thing I see listed on video help is 4x but maybe they have newer media thats not listed yet?


last pack of them i bought was ritek g04 dye they work relly well in ever thing


Better deal 285 for 42.00 dollars.

How about at less than .15 cents apeice?
50% off coupon 82911916
10 OFF 50 Visa Coupon 24650129

Add 19 PACKS (15*19=285) to cart and do in store pickup…price drops to 5.49

TOTAL 104 -50%off (52$) -10visa coupon = 42 + tax
Visa coupon good through 2/28/2005
50% off through3/5/2005