Office Depot $10 off $20 in store Sat & Sun



Got the coupon in my local paper, in store only, also saw it here on their web site under in store specials.


Does anybody have a pdf of this coupon or know where I can find one?


Here ya go.



wow 1126 views of people wanting that coupon.


Thanks for the heads up nickyboy4 and for the pdf jumpyg.


I also just found 4 other pdfs of this coupon on the Slick Deals webite in the OD thread.
Thanks for the pdf,


Hey thanks guys for the coupon.

Hey rolling no misspelling this time :slight_smile:


I just used the 10 0ff twenty pdf that was posted here to buy a keyboard and mouse
and they accepted it no questions asked and they gave me another coupon for 10 off
20 as well.
Thanks, budzos


You know i’m just kidding you i hope :wink:


kewl thanks for the report :clap:


:iagree: :slight_smile:


:sad: :sad: They would not take this on sale items or a Netcard.


Then what is the use of their coupon?.