Office 2019 will only run on Windows 10 and has shorter life cycle


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Microsoft will make Office 2019 only work on Windows 10, according to the software giant in a blog post on its website.The first preview versions of the included apps are scheduled for the second quarter of this year. The final version should ship in the second half of 2018.


And will probably cost you an arm and a leg…:bigsmile:


OK, staying with my Office 2003, maybe sometime switch to an alternative of MS Office, don´t need more for home


I’ll buy it from my institution as they will get it for cheap from M$ since they use M$ software. At least it won’t cost me a leg and arm.


I run multiple OS’s and will not buy software that only works on one, Microsoft or otherwise. Also, Office reached its limit years ago in terms of what people need from an office suite. Recent versions are of no added use to most people and older versions are plenty good enough.


Problem is security is gone from older version so don’t go spreading false rumors about how better older isn’t better in software when it comes to all the malware out there waiting for those wanting to go to the Dark Side. That choice should be give to users with grain of salt-you can use them but don’t tell others to use outdated software when those software no longer have security updates to protect unsavvy computer users. Unless you want to spend your funds to fix the problems caused by bad advice.


You’ll find versions of Office like 2010 and 2013 are still supported by Microsoft to at least the end of 2020. They are older versions and they are plenty good enough for most users, security is no more an issue as it would be with the latest Office versions. Do your research before replying…


Might want to ask that of yourself if after 2020 are you going to keep telling those using Office that has no more support after 2020 and how will you support them? One needs give info and let those using Older Office then assume they will know that after 2020 there is no more updates for older Office. You say at least the end of 2020 but whom are you to say they won’t stop the next day? And once newer Office comes out they don’t have incentive to keep supporting older software how else do you think companies stay afloat? You don’t eat Codes and live. Do some research into that as well.


You really are talking nonsense. Office 2010 has nearly 3 YEARS of support left (including Office Starter), Office 2013 has 5 YEARS of support left (and is currently still in full mainstream support). If after that time, the user wants to get the latest Office or buy something else or go freeware, it’s their choice at the time. There is absolutely no reason for them to change if they don’t want to until that point.

What on earth are you talking about “whom are you to say they won’t stop the next day”? You do know Office doesn’t stop after support ends, right? Microsoft needs to give people attractive reasons to buy the latest Office, buying “just because it’s newer” is not a valid reason if your current version does everything you want and is still receiving security updates.


I know I suck when saying this, but why not just make use of #OSALT’s such as LibreOffice/OpenOffice?