Office 2003

Is anyone using office 2003? If so, why? What are the advantages over office xp? I have recently acquired office 2003 but I dont know if i should install over office xp. Just curious.

I’ve been toying with it at the university and I must admit that it feels better than XP: less irritating messages popping up, faster reactions etc etc.

Besides that, there are some new features:

  • some CVS (more people can work at the same document at the same time) functionality
  • DRM (determine who can do what with your documents, awful technology IMHO)
  • XML documents (MS XML that is!)
  • better integration (MS says that)
  • new applications (OneNote etc).

From the reviews I read, the same bottomline always popped up: MS Office 2003 can be a very useful upgrade for office use, but the value added for the standard home user is very limited. I’d only switch over if you can need/want the new features OR you can buy it for a very low price (students licence or so :)).

My personal bottomline: yeah yeah yeah I know… everyone uses MS Office, but OpenOffice ( wouldn’t be a bad choice either… and that one’s for free… (just a thought)