Office 2003

Is there any way I can use office 2003 in more than one pcs.
If I make a copy it will not work so I wonder what can I do as I have only one licence.

Thank you.


EULA stipulates you can, provided you only have it installed on one PC at a time. You are also allowed to make a backup. How are you trying to copy it?

Yes I have tried but it does not seem to work.

Can you perhaps tell us:

  1. how you are making the copy (used software, settings, recording hardware etc)
  2. what the error(s) is/are


Try to copy it to your harddisk first and then burn it.
Or else try alcoholer with alcohol 120%.

Office 2003 can be installed on more than one pc!

Sure, but in the case that you only own one license, it my be illegal to do so.

How do you know you have no idea were this guy is. Copy right laws are not international they are under the juristiction of the local governing body. For all you know thisperson lives in some back water country in south africa that has rejected any legal standing claims US companies have with in their borders.

Shot in the dark I know but heck anything can happen.

The EULA for Microsoft Office 2003 stipulates that the software can be installed on more than one device.
One desktop and a portable.

  1. GRANT OF LICENSE. Microsoft grants you the following rights provided that you comply with all terms and conditions of this EULA:
    1.1 Installation and use. You may:
    (a) install and use a copy of the Software on one personal computer or other device; and
    (b) install an additional copy of the Software on a second, portable device for the exclusive use of the primary user of the first copy of the Software.

That’s different from my Office license. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I have a students license (yes I am a student;)).

setup /a , publish the msi file on a shared directory and install it on your entire network.

I have the student and teacher’s edition of office 2003 standard and MS allows me to install it on three computers. I presently have it installed on two computers and MS activated each installation. So you should have no problem. Copying the disk is also no problem. My Lite-on 1633s successfully copied the disk. The problem is that the software will only run 60 days without activation. So, if your copy of office 2003 only allows gives you one license you will have to check with MS about purchasing a license.