Office 2000



Can someone please tell me the best way to copy Office 2000 Premium. I live in Australia so I’m not sure exactly what version I have, but Im assuming its the US version. I have a Yamaha CDR401t IDE writer and have Nero and Easy CD creator Deluxe installed.


Well, can’t you just make an image out of it?

You can, if you use CDR Win 3.8A
(DL at: , Crack at )

If you’re done installing and cracking the app, press the button with the two cd’s on it, select source, target and filename, and burn…

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I made an image using Nero. This worked fine until I ran a simulation. At the end of the write simulation it encountered errors. I assumed that this was due to some sort of copy protection.


Try CloneCD and your problems are solved. If you don’t have you can allways downoald.
No probs.


Unfortunately my writer is not supported by CloneCD. :frowning:


hey mate! j/k, but the disc isnt protected, so you can copy it with nero or cdrwin or (and the list goes on…). don’t do a simulation next time, just write it. and the errors you would see if it was protected would be when the disc is being read, not written. also, try blindread/fireburner combo. i assume you know the cd warez sites to find them.


This is one I’m real fimilar with.
The first disk burns no problem on-the-fly.
The second disk (MS Publisher)can make a few coasters. I used ‘adaptec’s EZ CD creator Ver3.5c’ (ya… I can hear the laughter) and draged and droped the content of 'disk 2’make sure you edit the tittle of the copy to match that of the origonal, I burned this one @ 2X, useing a 2MB cache… works fine, over and over, and over again. The CD Key is the only protection…
This was the US ver. MS Office 2000 Professional.

I hope this helps…


hey, i used Cdrwin and it worked perfectly…made copys of all 4 cd’s of premium and i havnt had a problem with it…what i did is i just made a image of it then i burned it onto a cd…i didnt simulate…hope this helps…l8r