Office 2000 Went For Walkies!

Hi everyone,
I bought a P3, 866 MHz, Windows 98se computer from the higher education college. It came with Office 2000 S-R 1 Professional installed. I used Norton Uninstall Deluxe autoclean. And deleted alot of files from the system. Making Word, Excel, PowerPoint not function properly. I think they were help and support files, (files with the FTS and GID extensions) I checked Norton Log and the log says I made 13 operations and have 13 backups. However I cannot find the backups or files to restore. Only a record of the names of the files. I think I may have permentely deleted the files
(1) Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas, how I might get the files back. I have been following the instruction in the Norton Users Guide.
(2)Help me with a copy of the named files I deleted?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Cheers.

Here is a copy of the Norton records: Summary of Operations

Summary of Operation:
Log Name: Delete of files in Auto Clean
Date of Operation: 9/15/06 1:10 PM
Total Files Deleted: 1439
Total Size of Files Deleted: 25.07 MB
Registry Entries: 0

Summary of All Operations:
Date of first Operation: 9/11/06 10:45 PM
Date of latest Operation: 10/25/06 12:23 ARE
Total number of operations performed: 17
Total number of operations backed up: 17
Percentage of operations using backup: 100.00 %
Total disk space freed to date: 697.02 MB
Total Drive Space: 2.63 GB

the easiest thing to try would be to grab a copy of Office 2000 and reinstall… office should ask if you want to “repair” the current ver. say “YES”.
Other than that, i would suggest a full uninst/reinst of office…MS Apps dont like to be “piece-meal’d”

If you don’t have an install CD, as I suspect from what you wrote, I’d suggest that you try OpenOffice as an alternative to MS Office.

Nuh-uh :disagree:
A slightly older PC will not like memory munchers cloned directly from Linux without a trace of knowledge what Windows works and looks like.

If you still have the licenses you may be able to acquire a single Office 2000 CD.
I’m not sure about how easy this is to do, but one of my friends had an Office XP CD with holograph and everything, but said “Disc Without License” on top of it! (I think he had a volume license though.)

Maybe you can also get another (used?) copy of Office 2000, it’s not too rare.

Hopefully you can find a way to get it on disk. Calling Microsoft may help.

Alternatively, you could simply download Open Office 2.04 and use that instead, at least while you try to work out the proof of ownership thing.

That’s 64MB RAM for 1.1.x.