Office 2000 Standard Academic Edidtion



I can duplicate this CD with no problem at all;however, it has a registration wizard that you have to use inorder to stop the use countdown. Anyhelp would be helpful


If anything like office 97 there will be no difference between the Academic version and the full version- THE
DIFFERENCE IS THE CD-KEY, for example if you buy the academic version but at install you use the full version
cd-key it will install as full version. THE SAME APPLIES TO THE UPGRADE VERSIONS. I dont know how
many cds you have in your set IE: is it premium or standard version- The only difference between premium and
standard is Photodraw and that uses a seperate key anyway. Now the fact that photodraw uses a separate key
suggests to me that i am correct because with a separate cd key for office and photodraw means that office standard
and premium can use the same keys.anyway here is the key for MS Office 2000 premium-
GC6J3-GTQ62-FP876-94FBR-D3DX8 IF YOU HAVE IT PHOTODRAW IS 112-1111111 so reinstall and use the above keys and hopefully
The ViGiLaNte