Office 2000 Profession Registration Number



I've got Office 2000 Pro and would like to put it on four computers. MS says that I am already registered and cannot add to any computers. There are three sets of numbers needed. The CD number, the product number, and installation ID number. Are they getting smart? Any help would be nice.


My Micro$oft Office 2k Pro works fine with:
serial no: GC6J3,GTQ62,FP876,94FBR,D3DX8
CD Jey: 1111-111111

I have never had to supply the install program any other numbers in 2 installs. Hope it works.


It’s 4 cd’s total, maybe they want which CD number it is.
I don’t know actually, those numbers I gave work fine for me (came with my 4cd set)!

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