Office 2000 Pro



I tried to make a copy of Office 2000 Pro with clone CD and it wouldn't burn it came up with an error halfway through. I tried to burn it with Roxio EasyCDCreator 5 and lo and behold the copy came out fine. What happened?


Oddly enough friends of mine have found that CloneCD will often fail to copy cds that have no protection whatsoever and they always use CDRwin or Nero for unprotected stuff.


That certainly is odd, if olli reads this can you address this in Clone


what was the error named???

might have been loss of data in buffer , sys conflict your question too vague to accurately answer.

clone will copy this no probs if you uncheck all selections and only close last sess(not that it is required for a closed cd to cd copy)


what error did it come up with, seems to be a good question :wink:


For unprotected disk try to use the older version of CloneCD . I copy english and french version of Office 2000 PRO , Office XP , WindowsXP with the version 3.( with Plex24 ) and no problem.