Office 2000 on Blade 1



I installed Office 2000 from the silver Blade 1, but during the installation several errors about missing *.dll files and internal errors appeard.

The installation was ended, and I restarted my computer. But lots of progs don't work anymore, cause the missing *.dll files that where always there but not any more ????

If anyone can help, please.

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Maybe you can look at the site of blade or send them a e-mail.



If you have the answer, please post it on this message board or email me, because I have the same problem (about wininet.dll, etc)
Nothing works any more.


Did you remove all the old progs of the other Office installation?
Because if you don’t Office 2000 doesn’t recognizes older versions of Office.I’ve had the same problem once i had forgotten to delete the quick links in my start menu,so nothing worked anymore.If you uninstall an older version of Office don’t delete the shared .dll files and .vxd files.


The installation detected all my old progs,
so I don’t think that’s the solution


Lookin’ down and say :
you really suck babe…