Offical CDFreaks Euro 2004 Poll And Thoughts Thread

It’s time for the greatest sport to be played again on the european stage. Euro 2004 is nearly here. Play start on Saturday 12th June 17:00GMT. WooHoo.

For anyone who loves football (I’m English so isn’t going to be called soccer) it is time once again to quit your job or take a months holiday if you like you job and sit infront of the tv if your not lucky enough to get tickets.

The small question is who are you supporting and how well do you think they will do?
The big question is who do you think will win?

I like England’s chances this year, but then I would.:stuck_out_tongue: Other than that obviously a few others look like they have a good chance including France, Italy, Portugal (well they are hosting it) and the Netherlands.

I entered a sweepsteak at work and got the Netherlands. So unless England win’s go the Netherlands. :iagree:

The Groups are listed below. If you want to see a table on the teams with a map to the Quarter, Semi and Final then you can go here to the offical Euro 2004 site.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D
Czech Republic

So who’s your money on?

My money would be with either Portugal or Spain i guess (yes i dont believe Greece will qualify nevertheless i can still always hope :slight_smile: )

Sweden is leading the pack with a whopping 25% more votes then next leading country. That brings Sweden to be the favourite country, having garnered a full 50% of the votes!

Independant reviewer: “It seems like sweden really is the favourite team in the league, and i certainly hope they don’t disappoint their fans”

There ya go folks! If you’re not going for sweden, you just aren’t normal :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah! After debros explanation, I must vote for Sweden! Go us! :slight_smile:

Heart: Denmark
Brain: Spain

I don’t vote before austria is on the list… but i don’t know whether austria is qualified O_o?


Looked on the groups in the first post… and austria is not qualified ^^

Well I hope The Netherland, but the top four in my opinion is: The Netherlands (please let it happen!), England, France, Portugal (the organising country always performs very well at these events, someone remembers South-Korea at the last WK!!).

I good mix of views and poll results. I see people are going by there heart here.

No votes for France yet. I thought they would have been one of the favorites.

No votes for France yet. I thought they would have been one of the favorites.

Hope not, otherwise i will never hear the end of it from my brother-in-law :frowning: :frowning:

Of course Portugal will win! GO PORTUGAL!!!

I can’t really tell who will win.
There is no team that really stands out from the rest.There are many good teams and there are going to be many close results.

It will be difficult even for the traditionally strong national teams to qualify to the next round.

I think good ol’ England has a chance this year (although it would have been a better chance if Shaun Wright-Phillips would have been in the team, but that’s another story…)

Below are the lastest odds that I could find. No doubt these change daily and are different in all the betting shops around the world. But hey, gives us something to go on.

Euro2004 odds:
France 4/1, Italy 4/1
Portugal 5/1
England 6/1
Spain 13/2
Holland 9/1
Czech Republic 12/1
Germany 18/1
Denmark 33/1, Sweden 33/1
Greece 50/1, Russia 50/1, Bulgaria 50/1
Switzerland 66/1, Croatia 66/1
Latvia 300/1.

All right The Netherlands will definitly NOT win! :frowning:

This weekend they were defeated by Belgium: 0-1. :a

Man, if they can’t win from Belgium …

Hell, I’m putting $5 on Latvia :wink:
The chances are that they won’t win till the devil toboggans on his front lawn. But hey… The other day, I got swooped by a pig :wink:

I do recall this time my friend placed a $10 bet on a horse.
The odds were 1 : 0.97

It won (Yay!), but that IS a smart bet, ain’t it :wink:

Don’t forget Denmark. Remember 1992? We weren’t even qualified, but because of the war in Yugoslavia :sad: , we got some kinda wildcard and actually won the whole shit.
Damn… we didn’t play convincing! But that did not stop us from beating the Germans in the final. :bigsmile:

Hail Hail to Denmark :wink:

And I’m still thankfull for that!! :bow: :bow:

Namoh, I understand your statement to the max! Waaay back in 1974, I was a huge fan of the Dutch soccer team (still am to some extend). It was such a shame that Germany won the final. I just loved Johan Cruyff and his super team, and then came this little German (Gerd Müller) and spoiled everything. :Z :eek:

I also love Johan Cruyff’s statements, also called “Cruijffiaans":

[I]“Italians can not win over us, but we can certainly lose to them” (“Italianen kunnen niet van ons winnen, maar we kunnen wel van ze verliezen.”)

“Without the ball, you can’t win” (“Zonder de bal kun je niet winnen.”)

“Speed is often confused with insight. When I start running before the rest, I seem faster.” (“Snelheid wordt vaak verward met inzicht. Als ik als eerste ga lopen dan de rest, lijk ik sneller.”)

“Before I make a mistake, I DO NOT make that mistake” (“Voordat ik een fout maak, maak ik die fout niet.”)

“Every disadvantage has its advantage” (“Elk nadeel heeft z’n voordeel.”)

“Chance is logical” (“Toeval is logisch.”)[/I]

Johan Cruyff has indeed some nice statements.

By the way, are you Dutch related? Because your translation into Dutch is good.

We where just trying to point out it wasnt fair that we werent qualified :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah just kidding tbh i was disapointed in that game since the only goal in the game came from a penalty, i dont call it winning a match i call it getting a present :wink: