Off topic

Thanks again for closing my topic. And since you said I went off topic, funny, it wasn’t me that went “off topic” and started the privacy business. And what I can’t express my opinion, to others, on how I feel about VSO? What kind of forum is this? Are you guys getting kick backs from VSO or something?


First did I say “you” went off topic??? No. However the thread had.

Second the thread was started to whine about VSO service in helping you. Ok everyone has an opinion on most things. However the thread had run its course. People came gave there opinions and then the flaming, mild as it might have been, started. Everyone there who came to help you left because it simply degraded into nothingness.

If you want to improve the service write down your experience with ideas on how to improve it for others and email it to VSO. Try not to be condescending but explains in a rational manor that helps them to emlinate the problem. Don’t just try to pick a fight becuase your a little put out on having to jump through a few hoops to get what you wanted.

Finally I have already stated that your other thread in this matter was closed because it added nothing to the forum and gives the mods even more threads to look at and moderate. If you want to continue this further then please contact me or another mod invloved in this matter via PM. Do not go starting more threads on this matter.