Off topic (or not) PVP recommendations

Hi all,

Am thinking of buying a personal video player (mpeg4 player) — and wondered what the recommendations are ? Am thinking of one of the following - iPod Video, Creative Zen or Archos ?

Would welcome any recommendations for these, or others and in particualar how people have got on using DVD Fab to convert to these ?

I guess movies on the go, is what I mainly want but music, data and pics might be useful too and think again the above covers that.

Hope someone can help.



I have a Zen:M, it has longer battery life, a higher resolution screen [full VGA], it’s 2.5-inches, 320x240-pixel LCD, displays a whopping 262,000 colors to the iPod’s 65,000, and FM tuner and recorder, and voice recording and it’s not an Apple product which should be avoided like the plague due to their ever persistant and unsolved issues with battery life, I also think the Zen:M is less expensive, Creative also makes a Zen that is larger in capacity and has a larger screen more akin in shape and size to a PSP.
The Zen also has better sound controls including not just preset sound variations, IE hall, or stadium, extra bass, or rock, but also a graphic eq.
The Zen:M has a brighter screen.

Transfer rates using USB 2.0 are about double over the Ipod.

C/net had awarded the Zen:M best consumer electronic device; period!

The Zen:M can connect to a HD TV through component out, which comes with the Zen:M, the Ipod I believe requires extra equipment to do this, not in the box.

Zen also is coming out in 60GB next month.

The case is far more durable as is the screen, the Ipod is extremley prone to scratching, more like gouging, and aftermarket leather cases for the Zen can be a third the cost of Ipod cases.

Zen works with both their own software and with Windows media player with the Ipod you’re stuck with the very buggy and very non user friendly Itunes.

So want to transfer data, et al? Say at school or the office then if you purchase an Ipod better make sure every PC that you will come in contact with has Itunes.

Creative’s player supports DRM-protected WMA files, meaning you can stock it with songs purchased from any number of online stores. The iPod, of course, limits your shopping to iTunes Music Store.

The Vision:M is also Janus compatible, so you can stuff it with tunes downloaded from subscription services such as Napster To Go. At the moment, iPod users have no such option.

Further it syncs with Tivo and Windows media centre the ipod? Nope.

Vision:M supports a much wider variety of video formats than the iPod: DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, and XviD among them

thanks for the reply and all of the info. you — really appreciate that.

I can see you a big fan of the Zen and given what you say can understand all the points you make, so this has helped me alot.

I think my main two choices are really between this and Archos but didn’t really know too much of the difference and features, hence the original post.

One thing you didn’t say but I guess is a given, is how well DVD’s convert using DVD Fab to this device ?

I’ll do a little more research and if anyone else has any opinions would appreicate those too but looks like the Zen is in the lead.

Tkx - Asbac