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With Kyro II, the Tilebased Rendering have got it’s retrieval from the Power VR chip. This new Review is with much better drivers, wich gives you a better impression of Kyro II:

Looking back we…

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I think the performance of this card is quite unstable. I’ve read tests that proved the Kyro II to be running around TNT2 speed which is much slower then an GF2MX

I would say, it is because games lacks of Tilebased Rendering support. It is proven that when enabled it is faster than Geforce 2 Ultra.

Games arent supposed to “support” tile based rendering, that is just how the card renders. The whole concept is to avoid rendering what the eye cant see and therefore require less power. Unfortunately this card does not even support hardware T&L, a great disadvantage. The drivers are buggy at this time too (check out the mercedes benz pic on anandtech). I think I’ll wait on the Kyro III.

With the new Direct X the scores are higher with Kyro II, so there must be something about it. I know that Tile Based rendering is a way of drawing and calculatiing estimated Graphics to transfer, but some games run faster than others, and it aint just because of the load.