Off topic: Diablo 2 released

:frowning: I have been trying to burn diablo 2 play dics for a while now, I have tried to use VOB6 and I had no luck cuzz very time i burn it would copy as a audio dics what is the problem and i have tried Clone CD and it copyed it burn when i tried to use the copy it would ask me please instert play dics into cd rom drive what is my problem can any one help me out please e-mail me on this matter at

I also have a HP IDE R/RW 8x4x32 that is my cd burner is that the problem and also it dose not read subbchannel data so what should i do on copying diablo 2

backup cds need cracks for them to work. download one from :d

if someone will need help on burning Diablo 2, i will be writing agin on this site. I am currently trying something, so i’ll see ya soon. :slight_smile:

I cant get diablo 2 to burn it is like missing a file that it doesnt copy so if you could email me back at Thanks

i found the way to do it…burn a cd of the play disk…yeah…it wont work…but then go to and it will tell you exactly how to make it work. it worked for me and i must have wasted about 25 cds tryign to get it to work! hallelujah!!!

i cant burn my expansion disc and need to give back to frieng help pleaseeeeeee help!!!:c