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On the website of our friends@The iSONews you can read that Diablo 2 has been…

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Hehehe… got it already and it rock’s!!

Use the crack and enter anything when asked for a serial number

I’m going to bash some gremin’s and sh*t


Can i download this somewhere ???


My connection sucks ass too much for doing this

There is a 100mb demo @…but it asks for a name and cd key…is there a crack for this???

why download i´m going to lend it by a store nearby and hehehe

Eh, amigo…

That’s not the demo but the stress test… There for you need a name and pass…

I was one of those lucky guys who tested it… I can tell you 1 thing… I Rocks (and you will get addicted)

Can’t wait to Clone it! I already have the covers.

Hey, PaRaDoX … Can u upload the covers somewhere ?? Please …

Thank you…

Ok Radz0r, Try this link this URL would, link you to the page/s that have the Diablo II cover. Its a pretty damn good search engine that works for all covers. Hope that helps.

where do I download this?

I am not sure what you mean when you said that if you can download this?
if you mean the covers, then all you have to do is to type the name of the game in this case Diablo II, etc… in the box and then press search. This would then give you the sites that have the covers in this case Diablo II which you can download from.

Well that was a large download and for nothing. Had they released it say a year ago then ok, but today no way, Vampire shows what this type game can be and yet what Diablo2 is not.


Hey replicator , do you mean you have the full version ?Where did you get it from ?

Please do not post the links to d/l sites here we not the only people who check this site all this Anti-Pirates read it to we don’t need good ISO sites closed , there is other ways to find ISOs - IRC , links from other sites , friend’s advice …

Necrom JEP I GOT IT for 3 days now and my character is on level 10 now… really cool game, but a bit disappointing graphics (low resolutions, I expected higher)

You wanna download it? Try and look at the ddl or games section, it’s there


I copied it with Clone CD and tried in all possible ways. But I could not get the copied Cd to work.Any Suggestions?? thanx.

plz i need help burning diablo 2 !!! i own the game but i want to make a back up bacause its such a good game!!! so someone plz tell me how i’am able to burn it with nero but the copied cd never workS!!! so someone plz help me !! help a poor gamer in need !! email me if anyone knows how to burn the game so that it works…thanx [AND SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME !!!]

i need to burn a copy of diablo 2…how can I do this???