Off Topic Advice: I bought a DVD on eBay




I need some Off Topic Advice and some help to buy DVDs.

I bought a Star Trek TOS Season 1 from eBay at $24.99, and I paid with PayPal ( I know eBay is a horrible place to buy from. I paid using PayPal Pay After Delivery and I am being charged on the 21st. What should I do? I know $25 is a lot as well. I do not have the glass case because when I received it the glass was broken and almost cut myself because it was glass and got rid of it with the box. And Amazon sells it much and much cheaper.

Like this one ( it’s $10+$4 for shipping.

And plus many or most avoid buying from eBay.

So, what should I do?


You should have turned in a claim to the delivery service.
I don’t know what they would do now that the broken glass has been disposed of.
My brother is the main ebayer . I know he has had two broken items delivered over many orders. One was UPS & the other FedEx . He made a claim & recieved full repayment on both.
UPS took the broken item which was FUBAR anyway.
FedEx paid & said my brother could keep the item.
He reglued the broken frame & replaced the mirror .
It’s not as good as new but looks fine . You would have to know where the break is to find it.
So you can still try but next time keep the broken pieces & make a claim.
I would still contact the seller through ebay & see what they will do.


Thank you so much! I contacted the seller and they issued a $10.00 refund. The original cost is $24.99 and I was charged $14.99. Anyway, I am going into Blank Media to post for blank DL.