[off-topic] - 312th comic - Jon, Garfield ... and the dinner... [Part 2]



Heya everybody,

so the last comic before my trip to hospital. Like I said I don’t know when I get back but it could be some weeks (or even months)… but I hope to return as soon as possible. So here’s the comic you might have been waiting for:

:iagree: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink: :iagree: :slight_smile:

…to be continued…

I wish you all a good time without the comics and suggest that you read the old ones up and down…

Hope to hear you all soon again!



I love this cat :bow: :bigsmile:

p.s. All the best Alex, I hope you’ll be back soon!





Really great comic!

All the best Alex, I hope you’ll be back healthy soon! :iagree:


ROTFLMAO :slight_smile:

Awsome :slight_smile:

Fingers Crossed that everything goes well in the hospital :iagree:


First thanks for the good wishes everybody… and for the feedback.

I’m writing this with one hand so please don’t blame me for spelling mistakes.
Hospital visit was well … I’m unsure… I will know more in 37 days when I got a new visit at hospital for a check up. Might even be that they need to do other stuff with my right shoulder. So far they have tried to repair the right one. But from what I’ve heard they will do the left one, too :confused: :eek: :frowning: … but they can do it only in a few months (4 to 6) and only when the right shoulder is ok again.
So it might really happen that they will a) need to repair right side again. b) repair left side… oh boy I see myself spending lots of time with that stuff. At least in 37 days with that checkup I should be able tomove the right arm again without being afraid that a muscle breaks again. They re-fixed the broken muscle and made 6 little holes in the bone at the sholder (scapula?) (omoplate) well don’t know English word for it. In Germany we say “Schulterblatt”… so far I couln’t move the first 3 days and it was really hard.
And I’m still hoping everything will get fine and sure need to pray again because that’s the only thing that will help in that situation…

Boy its hard to type with one hand. I’ll keep you all informed and I think the next comic will be published at beginning of May. Sorry keep you waiting but one hand stuff is hard enough and I shoul not sit at the pc too much.

So hear you all again soon!



Bugger! 3 operations :frowning:

I hope the arm & shoulder heals quickly :iagree:

I believe MS incuded some voice input software with MS office XP/2003… it’s not fantastic, but maybe it can help communicate with the world :wink:


Good you’re back Alex and as debro mentioned hopefuly your shoulder heals quickly.


Hi all,

so I’m back today… you can expect new comics this week but I think I won’t be able to handle it today… but definitley this week so get ready!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:



I hope the operation was a great success :slight_smile:

Party scheduled for next week.


Cool… glad you’re back Alex :slight_smile: