[off topic] - 172nd comic - Garfield and the diet ... [Part 4]



Heya everybody,

here’s the next part of Garfield’s diet comic series… I’m sure you can’t wait for the next ones… and there are lots of great comics ahead!! I’ve made the discission to open a poll again so PLEASE everybody vote (and gimme feedback of course!)

Part 4:

Have a nice weekend everybody!



gimme aaaalllll ! :slight_smile:


LOL :bigsmile:

If G would wish for anything, that would be it! Hilarious!! :iagree: :bow: :bow:



I like your comics Rylex. Personnel favs are the BlindWrite ones. However a few Random ones like CDFreaks, Members, Coffee, Dieting, Others are always welcome.


Nice comic, Alex.

I want them all, feed me, feed me, feed me!!