Of these drives, what will best suit me? (sry noob Q, but I need help)

I need a good CD burner. From this list: http://www.enuinc.com/cdromx.html
Most important is Audio CDs. It will be used for audio mastering.
Scanning capability will be nice.

I use Taiyo Yuden media.

DVD and DVR DL recording is nice, but not required.

Please only recommend what’s available there, unless nothing will be acceptable.

I don’t have the money for a Plextor right now, I still have an old Plextor 8/20 SCSI for my old computer I use for maste burning, but it’s time consuming to transfer files to it to burn.

Thanks so much!

Hi tarnationsauce2, welcome to CDFreaks!

Of the listed drives, the Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7170A ( = Sony AW-G170A) has excellent CD-R burn quality with Taiyo Yuden CD-R media.

In my experience there’s little to no quality control with these drives, so I can’t really recommend buying one unless you’re prepared to RMA (return) your drive if it doesn’t work.

These drives are also OK for DVD writing, but not spectacular.

The Pioneer DVR-111D is a very good DVD burner and it’s also a decent CD-R burner, but not as good for CD-R as the Sony NEC Optiarc drive in my experience.

I haven’t tested the latest generation of LiteOn DVD burners, but the previous generation is not very good for burning Taiyo Yuden CD-R media in my experience, so I’d be hesitant to chose one of those.

The LiteOn SOHR-5239V CD-RW drive is not a very good CD-R burner IMO, although it’s a very good reader. So I can’t recommend that for burning Audio CDs.

The best CD-RW burner on the market is probable the Plextor Premium and Plextor Premium2, but they are expensive and not listed on that site.

If I had to chose from that list I would get one of these:

NEC 7170A 18x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Beige

NEC 7170A 18x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Black

Sony Q170A 18x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Black

But there’s a risk of getting a bad drive and having to RMA it.

These drives can perform quality scans of CD media, but they are quite temperamental scanners and have a tendency to show random C1/C2 spikes. I have found that the scanning speed is quite important and that 32x is least likely to produce random scanning spikes. For scanning DVDs these drives are IMO worse than useless - they are misleading! They are good for Read Transfer Tests of DVDs, however.

Wow, thanks for the post DrageMester. You certainly gave me something to think about.
Before your post i was looking at the Pioneer 111D, 112D, and LiteOn 20A1H.
Those seem to get good reviews here, but all I ever find are scans for DVD media and little to no talk about Audio.

None of the DVD burners burn Audio CDs better than the pure CD burners. If audio mastering is important to you then you might need to consider a proper CD Burner.

I disagree.

Some DVD burners are much better CD-R burners than many pure CD-RW burners, and there is almost no development of CD-RW burners anymore.

If you need the best, the choices are very limited (and expensive) and would include the Plextor Premium / Premium2.

If you can live with a burner that is only excellent, I’d go for a Sony NEC Optiarc or LG burner. :wink:


I still have more than 20 brands of CD-R disc that only some of them can be burned by the DVD burners and the results of some of the burned Audio CD jittering when playback. Of-course the burning speed is not set as high as CD-RW in case that’s the cause of the problem.

IMHO, maybe you should stick with Mitsui or TY CD-Rs.

I know, these are really good actually and I still have a few of them. In the past I used to like to try new brand, usually bought 10/20 of each. And before I used all up and decide which one is good, the old brand fade out and different brand or model come in. I ended up having many different brands left over for collection :bigsmile: