Of clusters and such

I formatted my new 120GB WD’s recently, and SiSoft Sandra is telling me my cluster sizes are too big on D (but not C). Cluster size for both is 4k, XP has options down to 512bytes. Should I reformat , and is there a way to change cluster sizes on drive with XP installed? Also, there is nothing on drive D (yet). But it shows 67mb as used. And on C, it says 2.5 GB are used (fresh XP install w/updates!), however when I select all the folders under C, with hidden folders on, the total comes to 1.5GB. What’s going on here?

Just a sergestion, but the reason 2.5GB is used on you C drive when the size of all the files only total 1.5GB, is because of the cluster size - you have thousands of tiny say 512bytes files, but as you cluster size is set 4096, so every file uses 4096bytes of you HD. And your used 67MB maybe system restore files. I have also had odd things happen on XP (I think it was with system resore enabled it was a long time ago and i cant remember) were I deleted a file off one parition and found it in a sub folder of the recycler folder with the file actually its self actually on a different HD.

I prefer a median cluster size of 2KB. Depends on what you’re storing on that volume though. Partition Magic is a great tool for managing these things. 4KB is the default size, but if you’re storing large audio or video files, photos or the like, it will make no difference.

Does anyone know how to clear out all the system restore points before I backup the drive with DriveImage?