Of all the peer to peer sites, are any best for oldies?

I’d like to build a collection of oldies from the 60’s & 70’s (maybe some 50’s Rock 'n Roll) and wonder what the best source of music might be. Are their any that group artists by entire albums? Thanks

There are many sites for these,but you have to put in
specific names of songs and artist’s. RAPSODY is a good
peer to peer service that’s legal and you can pretty much
find any song for about 99 cents or less. Also there is
napster which along with apple itunes are pretty cheap
to. There are illegal sites such as limewire,pirate bay etc…
but, I recommend you don’t use them. It’s not worth the

zap em, thanks. Long ago and far away I used the original NAPSTER. Haven’t had a need since then. I had looked at Rapsody and it does look decent but my problem is that I don’t want to pay thousands of $$'s for the old stuff.

It would be cheaper I suppose to find cd collections of the old stuff and back them up. (that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than 99 cents each song!

I’ve alway’s had good luck with FrostWire (fast, easy and free), certainly not legal but you can reduce sharing and use PeerGuardian. Maybe luck but no issues with thousand’s of download’s.