OEM's @ Newegg - Samsung SH-S202N for 26.99 & Philips SPD2413BM/17 for $25.99 both w/ free shipping

I’m not sure if either of these are rebadged other brands (maybe someone else can help) and I’m also not keen on buying OEM’s because you’re never sure if they were pulled out of returned computers, but these look like decent prices, especially with the free shipping. With the gas prices appearing like they might reach $5 per gallon here in the states this summer, free shipping is worth about $10 compared to a trip to a store.
Even $4 shipping sounds like a bargain these days.



How are the reviews on these two? I’m beginning to understand why some of you have four or more drives in reserve. The moment a drive becomes reasonably priced, you have to take a chance on it, because many seem to be made flimsier and don’t last as long as they used to.
Even if they last the # of hours based on specs, it’s probably the most used part of the computer next to the hard drive, and receive alot of wear and tear.

[QUOTE=WiltonParmenter;2053521]I’m also not keen on buying OEM’s because you’re never sure if they were pulled out of returned computers.[/QUOTE]

These OEM drives that newegg is selling are Brand New what the OEM means is they are just the
bare drive only No Retail box or software,cables are included. If the item title says Open Box then
you can pretty much be assured it is a used returned drive. :wink:

[quote=getit29;2053545]These OEM drives that newegg is selling are Brand New what the OEM means is they are just the
bare drive only[/quote]

That’s what it says but there’s various possibilities that could occur when a a unit isn’t in its original retail box. A warehouse worker could mishandle or mix up open box units with OEM drives that arrive, etc.

How do OEM units get shipped to retailers? Are they the result of over purchases by computer manufacturers, who then sell remaining stock at a huge discount to online retailers?

OEM drives are simply regular drives sans the retail packaging. DVD burners are frankly never intended to be sold retail, and 90% are OEM. Only a small percentage of drives are dressed up specifically for the retail market. In other words, OEM is what is normal, and it’s retail that is a deviation from that.

Tech retailers such as NewEgg, ZipZoomFly, and Fry’s Electronics get their drives new, direct from the manufacturers. Many of these drives are not sold in retail versions, and can only be bought as OEM. Also, most of the OEM drives are available before any retail versions show up in other kinds of stores. Once again, DVD burners are considered to be first and foremost an item to be installed by system builders and technicians, and that is the way they are originally handled. Retail boxed products, especially those from companies like Lite-On, are an afterthought.

As for keeping them separate from boxed drives or returns, NewEgg and other sources of OEM drives have quite modern facilities and procedures for handling that kind of segregation. The people here on CDFreaks can tell if something has been used, and our experience is that it happens very rarely. More importantly, places like NewEgg have great policies that will correct any mistakes ASAP.

If you’re going to be paranoid about it, you should stick to buying retail boxed drives. OEM is the only way you’re going to have access to the latest and best though.

As for the specific deals you posted, the drives are OK, but not the best, and the prices have been lower many times before, so unless someone needs a drive now, they should pass and wait for another sale. I would suggest the Lite-On 20A4H over both of the above drives, although the Philips is a rebadged Lite-On 20A1P, and it’s also a good drive, but not as good as the 20A4H. The Samsung is a poor imitation of it’s SATA cousin, the 203N, and many folks who have tried it are disappointed.

Newegg just purchases them from the hardware manufacturer, the same way a computer manufacturer does. OEM doesn’t mean they were sold to a computer manufacturer. It just means that the unit is bare bones. The reason you don’t see OEM at B&M stores is because of the practicality of having white (or un-) boxed hardware lying around.