sorry, what does this mean?

original equipment manufacturer

Is there a difference between OEM and retail hardware?

no. Only packaging

Liteon claims that their bitsetting utility is compatible with their ldw-411s burner and I’ve recently bought an OEM ldw-411s burner and guess what? The bitsetting utility isn’t working me, so I guess then there might be a differnce between OEM and retail, I dunno!!

either you don’t have an ldw-411s or you are doing something wrong.

…and maybe a “free” software/game or cable on top


of course but couldnt have been bothered typing that much. now you made me type more ahhhh

Trust me I do have the ldw-411s, I’m not stupid you know?
I wouldn’t have posted a help question if I didn’t have it.
I just don’t get it…as in why the bitsetting utility is not working with my 411s. I guess it doesn’t support it…oh! well!!! :wink:

Never mind, I’ve got it!! I was able to change the bitsetting to DVD-ROM with my 411s!!!
HURRRRRAYYYY!!! Now my media is compatible with my second generation dvd player!!! :smiley:

I see thanks :slight_smile: