I have a LiteOn 811S, which I want to get rid of.

If I were to buy a new OEM drive would I just be able to pulled the cables out of the LiteOn and stick them in the new drive? Or would I need to buy new cables as well?


As long as they are both ATA drives, yes, it should work fine.

Ben :slight_smile:

You might have to check your software compatibilty. Some burners are bundled with a version of burning software that only works with the burner it was bundled with.

Thanks guys.

I’m thinking of getting one of 3 drivers, the BenQ 1620, NEC3520 or the pioneer dvr-109.

They are all pretty much the same price, but i’m swaying towards the BenQ DW1620 Pro Beige, after reading through the forums.

Basically, all i’m after is a drive thats burns excellent quality burns and isn’t too picky about the media.

Would I be making the right choice in the BenQ?


all drives are picky when it comes to cheap media.

the benq can have issues with -R and prefers +R, the nec should burn both + & - R ok. i would stay away from the 109 at the moment as the AOPC seems over active and probebly needs firmware to sort it out.

Like ako said, any drive is going to have medias that it doesn’t like. The nec’s tend to be compatible with a lot of diffrent medias though. It might be worth looking for a 3500 or waiting the see if the 3540 is any good (its already released in some countries). I hae heard that there have been some issues with the 3520.

I have the Benq 1620 and it’s a dream to work with any media, use the latest firmware and it should write to all but the crapiest media, + or -.

Does the BenQ burn well will CMC minus as I stupidly bought 100 of them and they don’t burn at all well with the LiteOn.

Just out of curosity, have you tried playing with the firmware, omnipatch it, try diffrent firmwares etc.? I have had pretty good luck with my liteon with problamatic media by working with the firmware. One other thing. If it is a liteon 811 you have then I assume that the the cmc is 4x or slower (what is the media code)? 4x and slower cmc is generally major dog shit media (at least it has a pretty good track record of it in the past). It may not burn the best with any drive. I have some cmcmagaf1 (4x+r) that I have had for about 3 years. I have only bought 1 50 pack of it and still have some of it. It would not burn for shit on my liteon. When I got my 3500 and realized that it would burn it I figured I would use it up as the 3500 could burn it but it’s still sitting thier. Even on the 3500 the burns were pretty crappy (though they would play) and I really havent had much to burn where I didn’t care if it lasted.

dont Know about the CMC -, but it will on the DVD+R:CMC MAG-E01-000, which is branded as Phillips 8x, but it some times has problems with the Phillips DVD-R which is FUJIFILM03.

I have had pretty good luck with cmcmage01 too (I have a few hundred of them in fact). Cmc’s 8x uses a philips dye and seems to be pretty good media. It is thier 4x and slower stuff that has earned them a bad reputation. The reason that I was thinking that Evolva was refering to 4x or slower cmc media is because the 811 only burns -r at 4x or slower (it’s an 8x+r, 4x-r burner).


Well, I’ve tried burning my CMC minus on a couple of Firmwares and just tried doing it on E and the disc doesn’t register on anything, even though it finished burning fine. I LiteOn 811S won’t recognise it and neither will my standalone DVD Player.

Well, at least I’ll never be short of coasters for drinks. Heh.

I have relatives of all of the drives you are considering. All are very comparible. Don’t know about the Pioneer 109, but the A07, has very good CD copy protection override abilities, and the Pioneer drives come with lots of nice software for DVD editing, creation, and Photo. The software alone is almost worth the cost of the drive. The Ulead Studio software is not as powerful as Adobe Premiere, or Vegas Video, but I still use it quite a bit for easy simple projects. It’s a lot easier and faster when you don’t have to do a lot of editing. Only drawback to the pioneer, is I don’t believe you can do bitsetting.

i had the pio 109 and had to send it back.
my new nec3520 is quiet and burns various high and medium quality, + and - media very well.

The Pio 109 is not as good as the Pioneer A09. Just like the 107 isn’t the same as the A07. The “A” models had sound dampening and different firmware.

I’ve just read the review of the LG GSA-4163B in the LG forum and that has switched my mind from the BenQ to that. The scan’s are awesome!!

got both the LG and the BENQ, and they are both good, the BENQ seems to write quicker, but apart from that can’t fault either.

I have an NEC ND2510A and I would recommend an NEC drive.

had the 2510A but gave it to my son, not a bad burner, but the LG and the BENQ are better, and quieter and faster.

They may be quieter and faster, but I can’t agree with better as I’ve never actually had a failed burn on my NEC (touch wood).