Oem vs retail


Other than saving a few bucks what is the difference between the OEM and retail 1620’s. I know they have 2 different firmwares, but is the write quality different? Should I just spend the extra $5 USD and get retail?


They are the same drive only retail usually comes with ide cable, software, manuals and fancy box.
OEM is usually just bare drive…

NO oem usually is drive only no software, and retail has all bells and whisles
the hardware is 100% the same, sometime the tray door will be different shape or colour, and maybe the case panel button will be different but insides what you dont see is 100% the same.

On the benq website under firmwares, they show DW1620 and DW1620A.

What is the difference between the two?

I also noticed that the firmwares are different for each of these drives.

Is one retail, and one OEM?


yes there other wise identical

Thanks Ken,

Why the two different firmwares?
Is one better than the other, and which one do you recommend G7K9 or B7K9.

they’re both identical, G and B , only the letter is different, why they did this so they could keep retail , oem and bulk separated.

Some have said


I have also been told that


At any rate I bought digital research 16x and it was 1620a with B fw
and my friend got an io magic 16x and it was 1620 with G fw

So you decide. what B or G means.

I just bought a IO Magic at Circuit City and it was a DW1600 with B7C9 firmware. Drive was marked with B5C9. It was not DW1620 as others have been getting. Looks like IO Magic did the 1600 to 1620 upgrade before shipping them out. Before flashing, the ID string showed a generic 16x burner. Flashed it with B7K9 firmware and I had no problems. It now reports back as a DW1620. Haven’t tried B7L9 yet.

I have Benq 1655 from Tiger Direct and under Nero 7, Choose Recorder is showing is not support Cue Sheet lake this one from CDRinfo website, http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=16050&PageId=0
If any have retail Benq 1655 and Nero 7 conform this.