OEM vs. Retail Pressed DVD rips

Can someone confirm if the info I’m getting is correct…
The OEM 108-109, rip speed for pressed DVD is locked. 2X
The A08xl - A09xl Retail, Pressed DVD rip speed is NOT locked. (12X out of the box)
May be too early to know about the 09 but if anyone has any insight I would be most thankful.

I know the OEM 108 can be hacked open but as I’m not a DOS major I’m not to sure unless it’s an auto .exe type upgrade or very easy command.
Thanks …

Yeah I would like to know this too because I have a 108 OEM

I would also like that info,not bothered about region free but would like to quicken up the rip speed of my OEM 108,not at all familiar with DOS currently have 1.18 FW

I have the retail 109, it rips at 12x by default. Hope this info is useful.

The above quote is all I need to know. Leaning towards Pioneer for upgrade
Thanks again.

Thanks, Hostile_Monk…thats pressed DVDs correct?

Pressed DVDs, correct. I can take a screenshot if you like of a DVD Decryptor log?

With anydvd, I was able to do a transfer test on a pressed DVD. Enjoy.

Hostile_Monk. Thanks friend.
I think I’ll go for the retail 09. It’s either that @ $130.00 or the Plextor @ $130.00 w/ $30.00 rebate. Everytime I get close to the Plextor I read disturbing reports. Shame, as my Plex 708A is perfection for it’s time.
I do appreciate the scan which is about what I expected…speed wise.

Why is this such a hard decision. Pioneer or Plextor? Being new to the hobbie I guess.
I need divine intervention. :smiley:
…Just thinking out loud…
Many Thanks,