Oem vs. retail for a $20 difference?

Is there any point of spending the extra $20 for the retail box for a new DVD burner?

I am looking at the NEC or BENQ or LG and I already have NERO 6 and will be replacing my Plextor CD writer so I have cables and screws.

Warranty might be better for retail (varies; sometimes, it’s the same). If you already have the software and accessories and if warranty’s the same (or you don’t care), then go with the cheaper option. Retail also comes with a fancy cardboard box. Some people like fancy boxes because they’re pretty, but I doubt that it’s $20-worth of pretty.

I picked up the NU DW163 from Newegg (now at $58 before shipping), which is a BenQ OEM. No IDE Cable, but it did come with WinDVD (creator/player) and Sonic writer (very basic, but works - but I had Nero 6.3 already).

I’m quite happy with it.

I always choose OEM products if warranty and other concerns are not important and if the price difference justifies it.